10 Cartoons Re-Imagined

There’s been G.I. Joe, Transformers, Scooby Doo, and now The Jungle Book debuts April 15th. It marks itself as one of the most classic animated films that is being re-imagined into a live action movie by Disney. The Jungle Book’s CGI is above and beyond what most movies have brought to the table, (as far as realism goes) and it gives a tremendous sense of hope for what is possible in the future. This had me thinking for quite some time. Growing up in the 90’s, Cartoons were aplenty, and originality one and the same. Today’s entertainment se ems to be looping back with nostalgia as the focus, as us kids have grown up, and are some of the main consumers in today’s market. I have compiled a list of 10 animated shows that are worthy of being a live action series or feature film.


  1. Archer

They call him Bond, James Bond… Wait no they don’t. Sterling Archer may have the look of the classic character who has a license to kill and make love (I need to get me one of those), but Archer is a hilarious take on the secret agent world. It would be a welcome live action comedy series with explosions, girls, and above all, crude humor.AaahhRealMonsters-71492

  1. Aaahh! Real Monsters

This one would be a bit disturbing at first, I mean a walking smelly armpit holding his eyeballs everywhere?… However, I feel that once the characters showed their personalities a bit it would open the doors to a fresh new spin on the classic. It was always fun to follow Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm on their crazy adventures in the city dump, but what made this show particularly interesting was the fact that they still had an everyday life similar to teenage humans. Going to school, dealing with friends, and getting in and out of trouble. If CGI development ever gets to this level it would be a welcome revisit.


  1. The Wild Thornberry’s

“Hellooooo Puppet!” – Nigel Thornberry. To this day I feel like Pirates of the Caribbean stole this line, and to this day I feel like this show would be a hit live action television series. The wildlife production family in real life would be nothing short of awesome. Eliza’s supernatural ability to talk to animals and most of all their family pet monkey, Darwin, could convert real well into a live action setting. The challenge would be to find an actor that could replicate the craziness that is the feral Donnie. I’d throw my money at this to have some good old fashioned Nigel Thornberry quotes again.

  1. RugratsReptar_from_Rugrats

I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. They just made a movie with a talking bear, tiger, panther, and snake. Is a talking CGI baby that far off? Who wouldn’t enjoy the brave Tommy Pickles taking on life’s peril in a live action Rugrats series? I’m sure mothers across the world would gasp in nervousness at some of the adventures, but that doesn’t take away from what an iconic animated series this was. Just imagine a live action Reptar sequence. Jurassic Rugrats, anyone? A real life Angelica is quite common, so there’s nothing too hard about that one. One could only hope that the years of advanced technology would benefit this a bit more than that Baby Geniuses (I think that’s what it’s called) movie.

  1. Tom and Jerry

This one would be awesome. A classic that our grandparents probably have seen a few times, but reinvented for a whole new generation. The live action could come at a heavy price with all of the craziness that ensued when these two characters got together, but it would definitely attract a crowd of all ages to either relive classic moments, or see something refreshing for the first time. I’m still not sure if Tom accidentally cutting his tail off would be funny in live action, or perhaps a bit disturbing…

  1. Pinky and the Brain

From one mouse to two. This mouse duo would make an intriguing live action show or movie. A couple of fist sized mice that want to take over the world, but fail at every twist and turn. This show served as a reminder that there was no dream to big, and to never give up! (Unless that dream was to take over the world.) I could see kids loving it and parents reliving their childhood watching it. My only question would be how they could make this lovable duo appear somewhat reminiscent of their cartoon look? I suppose you could always just use the look of regular mice, but their distinction is what made them so much fun. pinky-and-the-brain

  1. Family Guy

We’ve all seen the photos and videos of the real life Peter Griffin, and it’s hard not to imagine a real life setting to accompany him. What is hard to imagine, though, is Hitler juggling bowling pins on a unicycle. I’m not sure if that is an actual random occurrence from the show, but I just made it up. I think that’s what separates Family Guy from most shows is it has a randomness like no other, and that in real life could be fun to work with. I think a live action Stewie Griffin is a lot harder to accomplish than Brian.

  1. Pokemon

Card collecting nerds rejoice! There is hope that your Pikachus and Squirtles will come to a live action movie eventually. With the realism that the Jungle Book has conveyed it is very predictable that something like Pokemon can be created to the same effect. You’ll just have to get in line before all the kids get there.

  1. Otto_Rocket_2Rocket Power

This one requires almost no CGI and could be an easy hit for the new generation. Back when skate parks were the thing, and roller hockey was booming, this group of kids showed us what extreme sports were all about. It’s like the remake nobody asked for in Point Break, but people will actually watch it! With a few style updates this could be two hit wonder. Not to mention who wouldn’t want to hear some wise words from a real life Tito?


  1. The Jetsons

The classic future-set animated series has long been rumored to make its live action feature film debut. With today’s technology it is even more likely. Hovercrafts, Inventions, and a typical family would be a hit no matter what era. The episodes that could come out of this would be nothing short of entertaining.

Some cartoons can never be replicated for a live action series, and I’m sure some on this list are just that. However, there are some that would be an amazing experience to watch, so Netflix, I think it’s time to revisit a few more classics that aren’t called “Fuller House”. Let us know what you think, and if there’s any cartoons that you’d like to see come to life in the future.

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