174E – The Best of the 2010s: Bale V DiCaprio

Welcome to the Tony’s Take Podcast, episode 174 Entertainment. On today’s podcast we get into more protest talk; looks like the riots are calming down. We have updated Coronavirus info, including what’s opening back up in California this week. We get into the Best Actor of the 2010’s and are down to the final two. Who’s better, Christian Bale or Leonardo DiCaprio? We give our take on it!

We close things off with what we’ve been watching followed up with our discussion of our Netflix movie recommendation of the week, A Ghost Story. This next week’s movie is Spike Lee’s, Da 5 Bloods.

What We’re Watching:

The Great (Hulu)
Mrs. America (Hulu)
Saving Mr. Banks
Richard Jewell
Just Mercy

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