2015-16 NBA Preview – Chicago Bulls


2014-15 Record: 50-32

2014-15 Offense: 100.8 PPG (15th)

2014-15 Defense: 97.8 PPG (9th)

Key Additions: Bobby Portis (F)

Key Losses: None

2015-16 Outlook:

The Bulls have been good for awhile but they’re never good enough. They took it out on coach Tom Thibodeau and have replaced him with Fred Hoiberg. Was a change at coach what they needed? Will Hoiberg lead them past LeBron?

This team is the same as last year. Just a year older. That could be a problem. Pau Gasol is 35 now. He was very effective last year but you have to expect he’ll be worse. An underrated part of their team, Mike Dunleavy Jr., also turned 35 this year. He’s already hurt and may miss three months. Kirk Hinrich is 34 as well and wasn’t even that good last year.

So the Bulls are old. Is there anything to be excited about? Jimmy Butler only gets better. Nikola Mirotic is entering his second year and should improve. Their first round pick, Bobby Portis, might get some minutes. Hoiberg could be an upgrade. There’s still a possibility the Bulls get better.


I don’t think they will be though. They’re too old, too hurt, and they might have gotten rid of the one thing holding them together. Derrick Rose is completely unreliable, Joakim Noah might be breaking down, and Doug McDermott might be terrible. I don’t see an improvement in Chicago. They’ll be worse.

2015-16 Projected Record: 45-37

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