2015-16 NBA Preview – Dallas Mavericks


2014-15 Record: 50-32

2014-15 Offense: 105.2 PPG (3rd)

2014-15 Defense: 102.3 PPG (25th)

Key Additions: Wes Matthews (SG), Deron Williams (PG), Zaza Pachulia (C)

Key Losses: Tyson Chandler (C), Monta Ellis (G), Rajon Rondo (PG), Al-Farouq Aminu (SF)

2015-16 Outlook:

The Mavericks had themselves quite an awful offseason. After a so-so season last year, Dallas realized they would need to make some changes to get better. They owed it to Dirk to make one last run. They had a plan though. First they went after Portland shooting guard Wes Matthews, who was coming off an achilles injury. Then they would convince Clippers center DeAndre Jordan to join them in his home state of Texas. It almost worked.

Even after DeAndre Jordan decided not to play for the Mavericks, Wes Matthew decided to keep his commitment to Dallas. And that’s a good thing. He’s a nice player. The problem is that they let some guys go making that run at DeAndre. Rondo is gone but everyone knew that was happening. Monta Ellis, who wasn’t all that bad in Dallas, is in Indiana. After bringing Tyson Chandler back, Dallas didn’t even try to keep him. Versatile bench player, Al-Farouq Aminu, is also gone. That’s a lot of guys to lose.

They did get someone to play center in place of Jordan and that guy’s name is Zaza Pachulia. Pachulia’s a veteran and won’t be a disaster but you would probably not know who he was if it weren’t for that sweet name. Who else did they get? They traded for Dallas native Deron Williams. That might have been a good move if you haven’t paid attention to the NBA the last four years. Remember when Williams vs. Chris Paul was a thing?


The Mavericks weren’t close to contending last year and got worse this year. Dirk is at the end. It would be sad to see him go out without a playoff appearance.

2015-16 Projected Record: 33-49

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