2015-16 NBA Preview – Denver Nuggets


2014-15 Record: 30-52

2014-15 Offense: 101.5 PPG (12th)

2014-15 Defense: 105.0 PPG (27th)

Key Additions:

  • Emmanuel Mudiay (PG)

  • Nick Johnson (G)

Key Losses:

  • Ty Lawson (PG)

2015-16 Outlook:

Remember how the Nuggets won 57 games just three years ago? This team has fallen off by an incredible amount since then. They’re getting worse and worse every year. Will they reverse the trend or are they looking at a win total in the twenties this year?

Yes, this team sucked last year, but in their defense, actually, I can’t defend this team. They were way too talented to only win thirty games. It seemed like everyone on the team got worse. Ty Lawson revealed to us all why he was worse but what’s Kenneth Faried’s excuse? They were smart enough to realize they sucked early on and dealt a couple of their guys. The picks they got in those deals may help down the line but not this year.


This season should be all about developing Emmanuel Mudiay. He’s a great talent but he needs time to learn the NBA game. The Nuggets should give him as much time as possible. Let him average ten turnovers a game. It doesn’t matter. This is a great year to tank for the Nuggets.

2015-16 Projected Record: 24-58

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