2015-16 NBA Preview – Eastern Conference


We’ve previewed all fifteen eastern conference. Check out our projected playoff standings.

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers (55-27)

  2. Atlanta Hawks (53-29)

  3. Toronto Raptors (51-31)

  4. Miami Heat (46-36)

  5. Chicago Bulls (45-37)

  6. Milwaukee Bucks (45-37)

  7. Washington Wizards (44-38)

  8. Boston Celtics (43-39)

These are our eight playoff teams. The Heat are the only new addition but we have them getting home court in the first round. The top three seeds remain the same as last year but with the Cavs getting the top seed.

9. Indiana Pacers (42-40)

10. Detroit Pistons (36-46)

11. Charlotte Hornets (32-50)

12. Brooklyn Nets (32-50)

13. Orlando Magic (31-51)

14. New York Knicks (29-53)

15. Philadelphia 76ers (24-58)

The Pacers just miss getting back to the playoffs by one game but they’re the only other team that will compete for that final spot. The other teams are either too young or just not very good.

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