2015-16 NBA Preview – New York Knicks

NEW_YORK_KNICKS_LOGO2014-15 Record: 17-65

2014-15 Offense: 91.9 (30th)

2014-15 Defense: 101.2 PPG (21st)

Key Additions: Robin Lopez (C), Arron Afflalo (SG), Kristaps Porzingis (PF), Jerian Grant (PG), Kevin Seraphin (PF)

Key Losses: Jason Smith (PF), Shane Larkin (PG), Andrea Bargnani (PF), Cole Aldrich (C)

2015-16 Outlook:

The Knicks suck. They’re so bad they couldn’t even figure out how to get a top three pick, even with the second worst record in the league. Their coach sleeps with his former teammates’ ex wives. The guy who runs the team is a 70 year old man who spends most of his time in Montana. Their star player is Carmelo Anthony. This franchise is pathetic. Lucky for them, the only franchise that’s worse than them plays in the same city.

After a 17 win season they had to make some changes. The Knicks entered free agency with a bunch of money to spend. Most thought they would get one of the top players. Instead they ended the free agency period with a pair of former Blazers, center Robin Lopez and guard Arron Afflalo. Both guys are solid veterans but neither is even close to being a star. In the draft they added Kristaps Porzingis, an exciting center prospect from Latvia, with the fourth pick.


I don’t think Lopez, Afflalo, and a twenty year old European will make much of a difference. The good news for the Knicks is that they didn’t experience any big losses. Losing Andrea Bargnani is addition by subtraction. It’s not enough for a return to the playoffs though, even in the awful Eastern Conference.

2015-16 Projected Record: 29-53

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