2015 MLB Season in Review – Atlanta Braves

2015 Record: 67-95BRAVES_LOGO

Preseason Projection: 75-87

Runs Per Game: 3.54 (30th)

Team ERA: 4.41 (27th)

Run Differential: -187 (30th)

What Went Right:

A.J. Pierzynski wasn’t a disaster at catcher for the Braves. Shelby Miller had a 3.02 ERA in 33 starts.

What Went Wrong:

Their best player, Freddie Freeman, kept getting hurt. The young pitchers who were forced to start too soon showed why they shouldn’t have been starting in the major leagues yet. Andrelton Simmons still couldn’t hit.

Player to Watch?:

Julio Teheran threw 200 innings but he only had a 4.04 ERA this year. A disappointing season for him and the Braves.

There’s Always Next Year:

The Braves traded one of their best players, Andrelton Simmons, for two pitching prospects. There are rumors that they’re looking to trade Shelby Miller too. This is a team that has just begun their rebuild. Don’t expect much next year.

How Did We Do:

We didn’t think the Braves would be good but we were too optimistic. We had them winning eight more games than they did.

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