2015 MLB Season in Review – Colorado Rockies

ROCKIES_LOGO_12015 Record: 68-94

Preseason Projection: 69-93

Runs Per Game: 4.55 (5th)

Team ERA: 5.04 (30th)

Run Differential: -107 (26th)

What Went Right:

Nolan Arenado was one of the best players in baseball. He hit over 40 home runs and continued to play gold glove defense at third base. Carlos Gonzalez had a great second half (increasing his trade value).

What Went Wrong:

Carlos Gonazalez had a bad first half. The face of the franchise (Troy Tulowitzki) got traded. Wilin Rosario keeps getting worse and can’t even catch anymore. Will the pitching ever be even close to decent? Kyle Kendrick led them in games started and had a 6.32 ERA.

Player to Watch?:

Tulowitzki managed to stay healthy in Colorado but he was not having a great year before being traded to Toronto.

There’s Always Next Year:

If the Rockies can’t figure out how to get not awful pitching, next year will always suck too.

How Did We Do:

Just about right. We didn’t think the Rockies could pitch and they couldn’t. We were only off by one game.

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