2015 MLB Season in Review – Kansas City Royals

KC_ROYALS_LOGO2015 Record: 95-67


Preseason Projection: 80-82


Runs Per Game: 4.55 (5th)


Team ERA: 3.73 (10th)


Run Differential: +83 (5th)


What Went Right:

They won the World Series, so everything.

What Went Wrong:

Omar Infante was just awful. Luckily the Royals were able to make a move for Ben Zobrist and make sure Infante wasn’t playing during their playoff run.

Jeremy Guthrie made 24 starts for this team. He had a 5.95 ERA. Somehow they were able to withstand his terribleness.

Player to Watch?:


Yordano Ventura had an interesting season. He started the season of horribly. He started a bunch of fights. He got sent to AAA. But he came back to the major league team and had a great finish to the season. Then he went 0-2 with a 6.43 ERA in 5 postseason starts. But he’s a champion now so that doesn’t matter.

There’s Always Next Year:

You should expect a decline in Kansas City. But we expected a decline last year and now they’re the defending champs so I don’t know.

How Did We Do:

The Royals finished way better than we expected. I don’t know how they did it but they did.

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