What to Expect From Microsoft at this Year’s E3

E3, the world’s largest video games convention, begins next week. This is one of the most anticipated events for gaming fans. It gives us some first looks at upcoming games and always has a few big surprise announcements. Today we’ll be previewing Microsoft.

What To Expect

Gears of War 4

There’a already been a beta as well as an amazing trailer but we want more. With the game releasing in just a few months I’m sure Microsoft will tease us with more.


No, Scorpio is not the name of a new game. It’s the codename for the Xbox upgraded hardware. A “slim” redesign is expected as well but we’re much more excited about the Scorpio.

Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 is supposed to be out this year. If that’s the case then Microsoft should be showing it off at E3. We did get this nice preview last August but there hasn’t been much news since.


This collaboration between American and Japanese studios wowed us last year. With a 2016 release date we should see more.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is the project being worked on by Rare. Microsoft will want to keep us intrigued.


VR is all the rage and Microsoft would be stupid to not make it a big part of their presentation.

What We Hope To See

Halo 6

We know it’s coming but we don’t know when. 343 is still working hard with updates for Halo 5 but they must have something to show for Halo 6.

Another Rare Game

Rare has to be doing more than Sea of Thieves. Let’s see it guys.

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