2016 MLB Postseason – Chicago Cubs vs. San Francisco Giants

This is the moment most fans were waiting for this season. The century old curse meets the even year magic. The team of destiny chicago cubs meets the misfit legends San Francisco Giants tonight at 6:15 PM Pacific time.

Most believe this series is over from the start. In fact, ESPN had over 30 analysts predict the playoffs. All but 3 picks the Giants to advance to the National League Championship Series. So here we go…

Giants Strength

1. Rotation! Giants have a strong 1-2 punch. Madison Bumgarner and Johnny Cueto are tough pitchers to go through. Both are capable of complete games. From there, they have a solid 3 and 4 with Shark and Moore. The question is are they capable of handling the dangerous Cubs lineup
2. Misfits Legends – Giants seem to have this randomness about their success. A random average player steps up for them in the playoffs. Will the misfit legacy continue?

Giants Weakness

1. Bullpen! It’s no secret this bullpen is awful. Hunter Strickland, Javier Lopez, Josh Osich, Santiago Casilla are all risky when they come in. They arent locked down material. This is a huge concern for the Giants as their bullpen was their strength in their even year success. Will the bullpen toughen up or at least hold on long enough for the cubbies?

Cubs Strength

1. They’re perfect. Well closest thing you can get to perfect. Starting pitching is dominant to the 5th starter. Bullpen is lights out. Hitting is well endowed. Speed on the base baths and solid defense. The clearly are the world series favorites. Is it possible to be perfect for so long?

Cubs Weakness

1. Cursed!! this might not seem real to any of you but if you ask any Cubs fan about 1969 or 2003, they’ll tell you it’s real. This is on the back of every Cubs fan mind. Is Kris Bryant the messiah? Is he the chosen one?


It’s pretty simple. This is a David and Goliath match up. Everyone has the Cubs but from history, the Giants were underdogs in every post season they¬†stepped into this decade. With this strong rotation and random misfit legends, the Giants will survive the Cubs in 5 games.

Tony’s take is the Giants in 5. Tony sees the misfit legends coming back from a 0-2 deficit. Shark will pitch the final game to eliminate the Cubs and keep the curse alive.

Game 1: Cubs Win
Game 2: Cubs Win
Game 3: Giants Win
Game 4: Giants Win
Game 5: Giants Win

Giants in 5


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