2016 NBA Playoff Preview – (1) Golden State Warriors Vs. (8) Houston Rockets

In a rematch of last year’s Western Conference Finals, the defending NBA champion Warriors (73-9) take on the 8th seeded Houston Rockets (41-41).

The Warriors finished with best record in the league. Oh, they also finished with best record of all time. So they’re good.

The Rockets won 56 games last year. Expectations were high, but after a slow start to the season they fired coach Kevin McHale. That didn’t fix the problems they had and the Rockets struggled to even reach the playoffs. Typically, 41 games isn’t even close to getting you in the playoffs in the Western Conference. There’s no way to describe this season for Houston as anything other than a disaster.

So it’s pretty obvious who we’re picking. I wouldn’t be surprised of the Warriors take a game off, maybe after getting up 3-0 in the series. That’s the only reason to think Houston would actually win a game in this series.

The Pick: Warriors in 5


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