2016 NFL Draft: Trade Alert

On a night where Kobe Bryant turned back the clock, another newly acquired Los Angeles team decided to take it up a notch. The LA Rams traded for the number one overall pick Thursday morning, and in doing so gave up a fortune. The following are the trade details.

10To the Rams:

  • Number One Overall Pick
  • Fourth Round Pick (113)
  • Sixth Round Pick (177)

2To the Titans:

  • Number Fifteen Overall Pick
  • Both of the Rams’ Second Round Draft Picks (43, 45)
  • Third Round Pick (76)
  • 2017 Rams 1st Round Draft Pick
  • 2017 Rams 3rd Round Draft Pick


Coming from a team that received around the same amount for their number 2 overall draft pick in 2012, I can say the majority of the public is very surprised. indexThe RG3ers just got RG3d. Now speculation is hitting full speed as to which Quarterback they are targeting with the number one pick. It is between two prospects in, Carson Wentz and Jared Goff. Carson Wentz has the size and quality arm, but his resume doesn’t match that of Jared Goff’s. Goff played against a higher quality competition, and though he doesn’t have as big of a frame as Wentz, he still has the physical and mental intangibles that NFL teams look for in a Quarterback. As for the Titans, they can make improvements all over their team in the next couple of years. However, for the number 15 overall pick this year, look for them to either address their offensive line, or a standout defensive player. Well the 2016 NFL Draft just got a whole lot more interesting. Stay posted to Tony’s Take for any future NFL Draft news.

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