2016 NFL Preview – NFC East

The NFC East. TV’s favorite division. You know the Giants and Cowboys will be on even if they suck. Does either have a chance at the division title? Can Washington repeat?

New York Giants

2015 Record: 6-10


The Giants have one of the most explosive players in the NFL in Odell Beckham Jr. He makes his quarterback, Eli Manning, better than he is. Combined, they make for a decent offense that can have some big games. The defense was a mess last year but they brought in some new starters including defensive end Olivier Vernon, who got a huge contract. The Giants are not a Super Bowl contender but they just might be the best in this division.

Projected Record: 9-7

Dallas Cowboys

2015 Record: 4-12


If only Tony Romo hadn’t gotten hurt again. Ezekiel Elliott looks like the real thing. This could have been the top offense in the game. But even with Dak Prescott filling in for Romo for a couple months, the Cowboys will score. The defense isn’t good though and maybe they never will be. But that running game will make them at least ok.

Projected Record: 8-8

Washington Redskins

2015 Record: 9-7


After winning the division last year the Redskins are probably pretty confident in themselves heading into the new season. We’re not. Their division was a fluke. This is by no means a bad team. With the addition of Josh Norman they might even be better. That doesn’t mean more victories though.

Projected Record: 7-9

Philadelphia Eagles

2015 Record: 7-9


Rookie Carson Wentz will be starting for Philly. That means this team is impossible to predict. The defense isn’t elite and now the offense is a big question mark. They could win anywhere from 2 to 9 games. Let’s split the difference and say 5. That sounds about right.

Projected Record: 5-11

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