After 33 Years on the Air, Loveline is Ending This Week

The long running syndicated radio show “Loveline” will air its final show this Thursday. Longtime host Dr. Drew Pinsky announced last week that the show would be finally ending after a very long 33 years. Pinsky had been with the show for 32 of those years, sharing the air with many co-hosts, and now maybe he’ll finally get some much needed rest.

Dr. Drew, as he’s best known, joined the show in 1984 originally only appearing in a segment called “Ask a Surgeon”. However Drew was only a med student at the time and not actually Dr. Drew yet. The segment was popular and Dr. Drew was made a permanent host. In 1992, the show moved to 5 nights a week and soon after Riki Rachtman, host of MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, joined the show as co-host. As the show grew in popularity, MTV planned a TV version, but they didn’t want to work with Rachtman again so another co-host joined, comedian Adam Carolla.

This is where the show really took off. The radio show became nationally syndicated and in 1996, MTV’s TV version of Loveline premiered. The unknown hosts became stars at that point. The unlikely pairing of a board-certified doctor and a junior college dropout worked terrifically as the two had incredible chemistry. For a great example of how the two worked together, watch this clip from their appearance on Conan in 1998.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, random, typically young, people would call in asking Dr. Drew questions about love and sexuality. Drew would try and answer their questions honestly but Carolla would make fun of the callers at the same time. It’s like that scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin where they go to the health clinic but picture an insult comic sitting next to the counselor as well. The show was live too which made for some truly outrageous, uncomfortable, but funny moments.

Carolla would leave the show in 2005 replaced by KROQ DJ Ted “Stryker” and later “Psycho” Mike Catherwood but there just wasn’t the same magic. But if you’re a fan of Drew he’ll still be plenty busy, hosting a daytime radio show, a TV show on CNN, and still working as an actual doctor. He also hosts a podcast with his former co-host Carolla. They are also moving to five shows a week, just like old times.

Drew will be joined by Carolla again for the final episode of Loveline, which will air this Thursday the 28th.

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