5 Potential MLB Expansion Cities Worth Mentioning

As a new season of major league baseball approaches, speculation and forecasting are already beginning to swirl about the upcoming months.  Which teams will lead their divisions? Who is going to win MVP? But if we take a step back and look even FURTHER into the future, an entertaining question is “will the league expand?”

There are always talks of expansion teams and ideas of moving teams to different, more prosperous, areas of the country, but which cities would make the most sense? We’ve put together a list of the Top 5 potential cities that would benefit from adding a Major League Baseball club. Just for fun, we’ll throw in a few team name ideas too.
oklahoma city

5.) Oklahoma City

When the NBA decided to move the Seattle Supersonics to Oklahoma City, the idea almost seemed laughable. Move a team from a busy, west coast city like Seattle…to Oklahoma? But what most Americans don’t realize is that the market in the Midwest is actually booming when it comes to sports. The former Supersonics, now Thunder, have become one of the teams with the most fan attendance, and are a major threat in their own league. If MLB decides to bank on the same idea of expanding more in the Midwestern region, Oklahoma City is a safe bet and sure to attract attention. Possible team names: Oklahoma City Bison, Oklahoma City Tornadoes, Oklahoma City Cherokees.

4.) Nashville

In the grand scheme of things, Major League Baseball is several underrepresented in the Southern States. Apart from Florida and Georgia, the rest get a bit overlooked. Why not add another team to the mix, perhaps in the Volunteer state.  With a hockey team already locked in, Nashville would be an obvious choice. And given the city’s rich history, the possibility of an MLB team expansion in the area seems like a good one for the league. Possible team names: Nashville Catfish, Nashville Cicadas, Nashville Sliders (picture a slide guitar and tell me that isn’t perfect).
mexico city

3.) Mexico City

While the MLB has never been afraid to venture north of the border, it might be about time they took their presence south. Mexico is a huge market, obviously dominated by soccer fans, but also holds a large majority of baseball fans as well. With the NFL and NBA both showing interest in expanding globally, it’s a smart move for the MLB to start planning on broadening their scope and global outreach. Mexico City is a relatively nice part of the country, and not as much of a risk as one might think. This one is actually a real no brainer. Possible team names: Mexico City Aztecs, Mexico City Jaguars, Mexico City Bulls.


2.) Portland

Oregon often gets lumped into the “Pacific Northwest” category, with most of the attention being placed on Washington, and specifically, Seattle. However, with the city of Portland expanding the way it has been in recent years, it should come as no shock that it would fall under the MLB’s radar. The urban city among such a vibrant and beautiful scenery makes it a perfect match for the MLB checklist. Again, with a pre-existing sports marketplace in the form of the NBA’s Trailblazers, Portland would be a wise choice if the MLB ever decides to add to the Northwest region. Possible team names: Portland Beavers, Portland Bridges, Portland Traders.
new orleans

1. ) New Orleans

If the MLB wanted to bank on a city on the rise, it would be New Orleans. In the years since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the city has seen a boom in finances, construction, and entertainment. Simply put, the city is flourishing. Adding a third major team to their mix would only further bring about growth.

The Saints are an NFL mainstay for most locals, and the Pelicans are making a major name for themselves in the NBA. Adding a major league baseball club to the city would just make sense.  Possible team names: New Orleans Crawfish, New Orleans Voodoo, New Orleans ‘Bones (trombones…get it?).

What cities would you like to see added to the mix? Comment below and share your thoughts on the idea of a possible MLB expansion down the road. Are you for it or against it?

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