6 Ways to Spice up Your Boring Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is known for its spices. Thyme, sage, nutmeg, clove among others are featured heavily in the typical Thanksgiving feast. But that’s not the kind of spice I’m talking. What I mean is that you should really make an effort to change things up this year. Sure, the traditional Thanksgiving is pretty damn good, but don’t you think it can be even better? Yes, yes it can. Here are some ideas:

Break up the Turkey


Break that bird up. No one says you have to cook that thing in one piece. Doing that actually makes it harder to cook. Get your favorite knife and go to town. Hack it up. Cut off the legs, wings and thighs, and throw them on the barbecue. Then you can roast the breast by itself. Trust me, your guests will thank you.

Alternative Bread Stuffing


If you didn’t know, stuffing is essentially wet bread with some seasoning. And it’s fucking amazing, but it could be better. Those boxes of cubes that you use to make stuffing are usually made of either Italian or white bread. If you’re feeling fancy maybe you pick up the cornbread stuffing mix. Stop doing that.

Stuffing can be made form any type of bread. Pumpernickel, focaccia, sourdough, whole grain wheat, you name it. Whatever you want. Buy your own bread and make stuffing from scratch. It’s literally only one more step and it’s totally worth it. Here’s one of my favorite recipes, a sourdough and bacon stuffing.

Spice it Up (Literally)

Add some heat to your meal. Instead of cranberry sauce make a cranberry jalapeno relish. Instead of gravy, a sweet hot mustard sauce for the turkey. Make something with a little spice to it. Spicy foods are great by themselves, but the real benefit is that they make everything taste better.



Most people think salad is boring and don’t really make an effort when it comes to Thanksgiving. Those people are just unimaginative. There are so many different salads you can make. You don’t have to buy a standard pre-made grocery store salad. Let your imagination run wild. But if you’re having a Thanksgiving, you have to have a salad in some form. You need to eat something healthy.


I’m a big believer in seafood. It belongs anywhere at any time, including Thanksgiving. Maybe serve some smoked salmon alongside your turkey. Or how about a delicious stuffing with some crab meat, or even lobster tails. The possibilities are endless.



Thanksgiving isn’t really a big alcohol holiday for most people. Maybe you’ll have a couple of glasses of red wine but not much else. There’s no reason to keep doing this to yourself. The fall is a great time for alcohol. Bring over a sixer of fall beer. Mix up some bourbon cocktails. Don’t ditch the wine, but supplement it.

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