62E- Sandra Bullock, The People Love Her But The People Are Idiots

We’ve got an action packed episode 62-entrainment of the Tony’s Take Podcast! So much to get to in so little time. We start things off with story out of Texas involving a hitman, married teens, and an inheritance. We jump over to the Aliso Fire, which we’ve been covering as it’s in our backyard. Check out our Facebook for some videos from that awful fire. Apple had the keynote on Monday, they have some updates coming soon, including IOS 12, MacOS Mojave, AppleTV OS and AppleWatch OS. Listen to hear the full details! We have some more news out of Queensland, Australia and some updates from Miss America!

We get into box office numbers as always as well as what’s coming out this weekend. We know the people love Sandra Bullock, but the people are idiots and watch everything. Do you think Ocean’s 8 will be any good? Andy and Sean give their ratings, what’s yours? We will check back next week when their rating is out on Rotten Tomatoes. We close with what we’re watching. Enjoy! Comment, share and subscribe!

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