63E – Watch Out For The Nosed Man

Welcome to the Tony’s Take Podcast, episode 63 Entertainment! We’ve got Andy, Tony and Sean in the studio tonight. We start things off with a man hunt for two armed burglars who bound an elderly woman at gunpoint in Laguna Beach. They were covered up but one man had a large nose. See our Instagram for the photo. We have more fires burning in southern California. Head over to fire.ca.gov for the most current updates for any fire in California. They happen all too often so that’s a good site to keep saved.

We talk AT&T and Time Warner mergers with Andy. Is this going to hike up prices for consumers? Andy has a take on that for everyone. Sprint and T-Mobile are supposed to be merging as well.

We mourn the loss of Anthony Bourdain who died of an apparent suicide last week in France. Netflix has announced it will keep Bourdain’s show, “Parts Unknown” online for a few more months. The show was set to be taken off the streaming service in a few days. In Always Sunny news, Mac played by Rob McElhenney has finally cultivated that mass he’s been talking about. He looks shredded!

We have some Hulu updates and wonder how people are streaming so much old stuff?! The streaming service explained that people streamed all nine seasons of “Family Matters” in under a month. That’s a lot of Urkel!

We close out with the box office numbers from the weekend and what’s coming out this weekend! There’s some good stuff! We played the Rotten Tomato game last week for Ocean’s 8. Andy was the winner! We even set a new game up for the upcoming release, “Tag.”  What do you think it’ll be?

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