65E – Party Planes and Non Party Planes

Welcome to the Tony’s Take Podcast, this is our 65th entertainment pod! Apple has introduced their first public beta for IOS12, Sean is just getting his hands on it now. Test if you dare, if you’re not too tech savvy, you might want to wait a little bit!

We have more drunken escapades from the loaded skies. A group of nearly 30 men heading from England to Ibiza forced a plane to divert in France. They were simple out of control and far too drunk. There is even a push from the airliner to change the way alcohol is handled in airports. What do you think about that? We share our opinions and get into where we think we’re heading with planes. Could we see a world with designated party planes and non party planes?

We have a little PSA for you, it’s summer, it’s hot…. remember to get your kid of animal out of that car! Even a minute can cost a life! It gets hot out there, according to the National Safety Council, 37 children die in hot cars each year. Remember all your precious cargo!

We end with Box Office numbers, whats coming out and what we’re watching. Be sure to comment, share and subscribe!

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