70E – The Lost Episode

Welcome to the Tony’s Take Podcast this is episode 70 Entertainment! On today’s pod we have a strange one, we lost episode 69E in the cloud somewhere so we brought back the goodies and included some new stuff! We get into James Gunn and Disney, were they right to boot him for old, shitty joke Tweets? We also wanted to talk Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest show, Who Is America? The third episode aired on Showtime this last weekend, you’ll want to watch it, we’ll leave it at that.

We have some McDonalds Monopoly cheating. An ex cop turned private security guard cheated with friends and family and got nearly 25 million dollars worth of cash and prizes over a couple decades… holy hell! That’s big, but not as big as Mia Khalifa’s issue. At a Capital’s game a couple months back a puck hit a breast and burst her implant! Wow, no!!!! We also have #MeToo movement talk including Les Moonves and Chris Hardwick talk. As always we close with box office and what’s coming out.

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