74E – The Brides Second Person

Welcome to the Tony’s Take Podcast, this is episode 74 Entertainment! We’ve got a great one for you, we get into the iPhone rumors. When will that keynote be? Tune into find out! Pumpkin Spice is back in action, so get ready to hit that coffee shop.

Our main story involves a crazy bride who canceled her wedding 4 days in advance (which we forgot to mention on the pod) because the crowd funding didn’t raise how much?! She even left her fiancĂ©… wow, what a catch. That guys lucky.

We get into box office numbers and upcoming movies. Tony the Pony hit the number on the nose in our Rotten Tomatoes game from last week. That’s a first here! We close with what we’re watching but not before Andy can give us some 007 news. On the way out Andy gets heated over cars being gifted for Christmas, what’s your take? Good move to gift a car?

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