84E – Bad Times In California

Welcome to the Tony’s Take podcast, this is episode 84 Entertainment! We have some awful stuff to dive into to start. Between the fires throughout California and the mass shooting that took place last week in Thousand Oaks, it’s a bad time in California…. Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected by those awful events.

We also have more sad news, learning about the passing of Stan Lee. 95 years old, what a life, what a guy. He will be missed, but he will live on forever through his stories.

Next we hit box office numbers and get into what’s coming out this week. We have some new trailers and movie news that’s exciting for some. We close things out with what we’ve been watching.

We have special news, a Happy Hour podcast will be coming out tomorrow and it will be featuring some podcast favorites…. Jill and Tommy! Be sure to check back for that.

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