A single passenger drone was announced at CES, will you be getting one?

CES brought us some awesome new tech last week, one of which was the world’s first single passenger drone. Yep, a drone that can carry a person! Created by Ehang, a company out of China, gave some pretty impressive info out about this drone.2-chinesedrone drone ces
The drone has a 12 inch display in front of the passenger, upon entry you can input a destination and the navigation will choose the safest and quickest route. Ehang has called the vehicle the “safest, smartest and eco-friendly low-altitude autonomous aerial vehicle aiming on providing medium-short distance transportation solutions”.
It can travel at about 60 MPH for about 23 minutes on a charge. As far as safety features, the drone can still successfully operate even if a propeller fails… hopefully that’s not a common issue. In the event of a system failure, the drone will land as safe as possible… not sure how it could do that if all propellers fail but okay. Did we mention, the propellors fold up for easy storage? Because it does…
The drone also has no passenger override option, which means, you don’t need a pilot’s license to hit the skies with it! Now to the cost, that will keep most of us from getting our hands on one… the sticker price is about $300K – maybe a new Uber Air?
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