Adam Scott Is An Alien

We took a look at pictures of actor, Adam Scott throughout his career and didn’t see much of a difference in terms of aging.  At age 42 he still looks like he could throw on that brown jacket and walk the halls of John Adams High again, well maybe after a quick shave. Take a look at his “aging” through the years of his career.


Here he is on Boy Meets World in 1994





Let’s skip to The Aviator from 2004





Now we are at 2008 when he played the mean younger brother with an amazing voice in Step Brothers





Lastly, to prove my theory that Adam Scott is an alien, let’s look at Parks And Rec. from 2010.




So now you know, the truth about Adam Scott. It’s not a bad thing in my opinion, he can continue to act in great shows and movies for the rest of time! Tony’s Take knows Adam, Tony’s Take knows!


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