Is Alex Rodriguez Really Done With Baseball?

This past Sunday Miami Marlins slugger, Giancarlo Stanton, suffered a groin injury that will have him miss at least 6 weeks. With only 6 weeks left in the season and with Miami fighting for a wild card spot, Stanton’s season may be over. Which should upset Miami Marlins fans considering Stanton signed that massive 13 year 325 million dollar contract. We all know he missed most of last season when he got injured and then has been hurt a couple times this season while also performing well below average.


The real news here though is that there’s rumors Alex Rodriguez may sign with the Miami Marlins. Do the Marlins really need A-Rod? Absolutely not. But it would be fitting to see him finish his career in his home town AND try to get 4 more home runs and join the 700 club. Rodriguez never really said he was officially retiring, and we all know the Yankees forced him to hang up the cleats. Even though they’ll be paying him roughly 27 million through 2017 to just sit there and be an “instructor”. Also the Marlins have Barry Bonds as their ¬†hitting coach, so him and Rodriguez can sit around and discuss what steroids they like better.


I really don’t think Rodriguez should come back, but at the same time I kinda think he should. The Marlins have a chance at the postseason and the biggest thing is the 700 home runs. Only 3 other players in MLB history have hit 700 home runs (Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and Barry Bonds) So we all know Rodriguez would love to join that company. With 40+ games left this season if he can find himself another 50 at bats maybe he can do it! If Rodriguez did go back to Miami it would put fans in the stands as they would love to see their home town kid go for 700 home runs. Yes, there will always be debate about A-Rod because of his history with steroids, but 700 home runs is 700 home runs.

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