America Should Give You the Week Of July 4th Off!

It’s day two of the short week and boy is it dragging on. You still have that flavor of red, white, and blue jello shots in the back of your throat. Not to mention your concealed sunburn behind that button down shirt. Why does Uncle Sam do this to us? We do what America does best; BBQ and party and bam… back to work. It’s as if they prefer a counterproductive employee these days.

If you look at some other countries who dominate in days off, like Brazil for instance. They take about 30 vacation days a year. Not a lot you say? Well, when you add in their 11 holidays the number sounds pretty sweet.

Now, if you’re looking at another stat… happiness for instance, you’d see Denmark and Iceland near the top. Might we add they take 34 and 37 days off respectively. Maybe the proof is in the pudding. Maybe more time off would be beneficial. For those of you who are curious as to where the US landed on that list… number 10, 10! The 10th happiest place on the planet.


We are certainly, if not leading the pack then pretty far towards the front in terms of who’s leading the world. I think we owe it to ourselves to take a couple extra days off. That or treat Independence Day like Thanksgiving (celebrated on a Thursday). Personally, I think the first option is best.

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