Apple Has A Conference Tomorrow Morning, But Does Anyone Care?

Apple has been lacking in the innovation category lately. With lackluster sales this last quarter, this keynote is an important effort to boost their sales and hope to gain back some of that attention that has been focused on Samsung. From what we’ve gathered, this event will unleash a 4 inch iPhone, a new iPad, and maybe some other goodies. You can see the full breakdown here. What we hope to see is that super terrific “One Last Thing” slide before it all ends. And we don’t count a band performing as one…

The Apple fan base wants them to go back to leading the way toward the future, bringing new features to the masses before the masses even knows they need them. Reintroducing a 4 inch phone is hardly reason to hold a keynote, maybe, just maybe, the reporting on this is entirely wrong…. Who are we kidding, nobody can keep secrets nowadays… we know what’s coming tomorrow. Question is, is it enough to keep the share holders happy and raise profits?

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