Apple Conference – What To Expect

You are probably aware that every year Apple holds a conference, WWDC. This is where they introduce all their new toys to the world, including the new iPhones. We went through the rumors and picked out the best. Here is what we can expect this year…


  • An improved search feature – They are calling it Proactive. A more sophisticated universal search that will integrate apps, and user habits.
  • Apple Music Service – Look out Spotify and I guess Tidal. Apple is throwing their hat in the streaming ring. They are expected to announce their pay to stream service, you can expect to pay between $7.99 and $9.99 for their service.
  • Apple TV – Not the one we’ve been waiting on for years, but a new and improved hub to plug into that non Apple Television. You can expect Siri integration as well as app store capabilities. So you can play games… personally I’d rather watch the game on an actual TV from Apple, but beggars can’t be choosers. Also expect to see a new streaming service, a block of channels, if you will, to help eliminate cable/satellite a little bit faster.
  • iPhone – Don’t expect much on the outside, don’t expect much in the inside. Rumors of a sapphire screen are growing, after Apple acquired a sapphire plant in Arizona. That will greatly improve the durability of the screen, however we don’t doubt the users ability to break that pretty little phone! All in all the improvements will be lackluster this year.
  • iPad – Sales have been slowing on this guy We anticipate an iPad Pro to come into the picture; larger tablet aimed at the business sector. The iPad Pro will still be running IOS, however it might be a little modified… definitely not OS X though.

iPad_Air_2_800homeNEW WWDC

So as of now, these are the big rumors we see. Not impressed? Yeah we aren’t too much either, however Apple is great with pageantry so you can expect the hype, no doubt about it. The Conference runs from the 8th through the 12th, with the big keynote day one.

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