Apple Music – What You Need To Know

Apple Music is launching next week, but are you not sure if you should switch from Spotify? Don’t worry, you don’t have to jump in right away. They are offering a three month free trial so you can wet your beak a little.

After that you will have to pay $9.99 for an individual membership or for the family, $14.99, and that allows you to share with up to 6 people! Currently, Spotify is $9.99 for an individual account and with a group account, each additional user gets a 50% discount. It is expected that Spotify will adjust their group pricing to match Apple Music.

What are the benefits of Apple Music vs. Spotify?




  • Taylor Swift – This past week Taylor Swift wasn’t too happy about the free trial period as Apple wasn’t planning on paying any artists within the three month free trial. That didn’t fly with the 25 year old pop star; she pulled her catalog in efforts to change this policy. Within a day Apple executive, Eddy Cue tweeted that “#AppleMusic will pay artists for streaming, even during the customer’s free trial period.” Looks like Taylor was clearing a blank space for her music and Apple had to Shake it off. Currently, only a limited amount of her music is on Spotify.
  • Connect – allows listeners to keep up with their favorite artists. Fans can post videos, photos, and notes. Keeping their audience updated on what’s going on.


  • Student discount – go to school? You can get Spotify Premium for only $4.99 a month!
  • Spotify Sessions – An awesome way to hear a more relaxed version of your favorite songs from your favorite artists. Spotify seems to release Spotify Session albums rather frequently, the only downside about Sessions is they are generally only a few songs.

All in All these two powerhouses are about to collide and the winner is yet to be determined. As far as I see it, Apple wins at almost everything, so they will probably continue that here. Personally I will keep my premium subscription to Spotify for now, however I will definitely dabble into the Apple Music app on day one. Apple Music will be available on Tuesday June 30th. This is also the first Apple service that will be available to Android users starting in the fall.

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