Apple to release 4 inch iPhone next month?

Because iPhone sales are slipping.

Last week, the Apple rumors started circulating about an upcoming keynote in March. According to Mac Rumors we can expect an event on March 15th and we can anticipate a 4 inch iPhone. To the layperson, that’s back to the size of the iPhone 5.

Is this going to be the iPhone 7? From all we are gathering, no. They will be calling this the 5se. After iPhone shipments have dipped to an all time low this appears to be a response in hopes to bring sales back up. What will be different in this phone?

Nothing, besides the phone being substantially smaller, you can expect minor internal upgrades; nothing to go crazy over. Another thing about this event that’s different, there will be no preorders this time around. You can expect to have the 5se available to buy just a few days after the event; and you’ll have to wait in line to get it this time… if there is a line.

Not much has changed in regards to advancements to the phone since the passing of Steve Jobs. Definitely nothing worth like the crowd pleasing “one last thing” we were used to seeing. Is this just an attempt to repackage old junk and call it new? It looks like it.

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