Apple’s Latest iDevices Are Almost Out, Should You Get Them?

If you’ve been listening to the podcast you’ve probably heard us talk about Apple and the iPhone rumors along with the Apple Watch rumors. Well, last week the rumors became truth or fiction. Most of them were accurate, at least the ones we covered. So, should you be thinking about getting your hands on any of these?

Let’s start with the Apple Watch Series 4. The latest watch got a screen upgrade along with some other little tweaks and it’s finally ready to buy. We’ve never been impressed with these but this watch has won us over. The larger size, the health monitoring and the appeal for the elderly. This watch covers a lot of bases. No shame in buying here.

AirPods, we were expecting to see an updated set of buds but that wasn’t the case. We can’t be right with everything!

iPhone, there’s an Xs a Xr and a Max?! The hell… Okay, if you have a X don’t even bat an eye at these. Your phone is as good, just about… If you have anything less, go for it! You should be on the iPhone Upgrade Program anyways…

That wireless charging mat is still MIA, who knows where that is and when we’ll hear about it again…

So, did this last keynote impress you? Are you already in line to sport this new gear?

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