Should You Approach A Girl At The Gym?

I’m going to pick up a bunch of metal and then flirt at the gym. Or should you?

The gym is a great place, there you can work out and feel good about yourself. However, a lot of guys like to treat it like a Tinder pickup spot. Is that a good idea? We asked gym-going women what they thought of the gym pick up. Let’s see what they had to say.

Flirt at the gym

It’s not a fan favorite of mine when you are trying to have “time to yourself” and a guy asks you questions. And personally I don’t look the best at the gym so then the whole set of insecurities come out when they are talking to you. ‘Do I smell horrible right now? Oh my gosh my face has no make up on! Why would he be talking to someone that looks like this at the gym? Ok I’m done talking now leave me alone!

Brianna, 25












This seems to be the more common response we found. The majority of women don’t find themselves attractive while they are at the gym. If this is what they are thinking about themselves, don’t expect to get anywhere with your pickup line.

Are they all thinking this? It’s pretty clear some girls try to look their best at the gym, unless they are just that good looking. Sounds like a Zoolander line. How not all of the subjects that we asked felt this way, but it didn’t get much better.

I go to the gym with no make up on. You go to the gym to better one’s self and health, not to be placed in a pool full of sharks. As long as they let me be during my workout routine and approach me once I am finished, then it’s okay

Kadi, 28

So fellas, at least let them set down the medicine ball before you try to “pounce.” If your move is to walk up behind them, and say, “Let me show you what you’re doing wrong.” First off, you’re copying John C. Reilly’s line in Boogie Nights… good movie, but second off, you better be gay. Or you’re just an asshole, and she won’t be going to your “mellow space,” AKA your one bedroom apartment. You’re creepy.

So what all plays a role in the art of a good gym pick up? Well, as you probably guessed it, it helps if you’re as attractive to them.  I wonder why that would matter?

It depends on what he looks like haha but I think it’s flattering because I usually look like absolute shit when I’m working out.

Valorie, 24

There sure seems to be a pattern developing here, women think they look like shit at the gym. Unless I personally go to the models gym, most women don’t look bad by any means. Of course they aren’t in their Gucci shit, but that might make them an ass if they were.

It depends on my mood I guess. Sometimes I really just want to go and focus on working out and get it over with. Occasionally I don’t mind guys trying just as long as they aren’t creepy about it.

Ashley, 28

So if you truly can’t resist the urge to flirt, wait for her to finish up a set, maybe even wait for her to be getting a drink. Then, casually approach her… compliment her on her Lululemon or other various yoga pants. And test the waters from there.Kenny Powers Gym Meme

Overall, it was a fraction of the women who said, possibly. The vast majority of women said no way in hell. So guys, sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted to read, but it’s the truth. Go to the gym to pick up metal and put it back down. Nothing in that sentence involves flirting with women in the gym. But, like a cheat day with food there might be a loophole here. You could just wait for them outside when they are done…

I’m kidding you idiot! That might be the absolute worst thing you can do! Just go home and Tinder like a sane person, or pick up a book instead of a weight for once!

Flirt at gym

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