Are The Warriors Better than the 1996 Chicago Bulls?

The Warriors are off to a historic start, starting the season 15-0. Tonight they face the Lakers to try and improve their record to 16-0. The best season an NBA team has ever had was the 1996 Chicago Bulls, going 72-10. When the season got going I didn’t expect the Warriors to be better than last season, but apparently I was wrong. When the Warriors were 10-0 the thought of the Bulls record didn’t cross my mind, but that all changed once they beat the Clippers on the road after trailing 50-29.


From that moment on I’ve been convinced that the Warriors will beat that Bulls record. The Warriors have been doing all of this without head coach, Steve Kerr, (who was on that 1996 bulls team) who’s been at home resting from back surgery. The man who has coached the Warriors this season is Luke Walton. If you don’t know who he is just mention him to any Lakers fan and they’ll start laughing.


This Warriors team is very similar to the 1996 Bulls team. The Bulls had a superstar (Michael Jordan), an all star (Scottie Pippen) and an aggressive defensive player (Dennis Rodman). The Warriors have a similar three with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. I think the Warriors can keep this up throughout the season and when it comes down to the final few games I believe Steve Kerr will want to break his old teams record.




Tony’s Bold Prediction: Warriors 74-8.

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