Are You Ready For Some Sully?

So football starts this week. That’s kind of a big deal for us. But you know what else what starts this week? SULLY! It’s a new movie that comes out this Friday. So why should you care?

There’s a couple cinema legends involved and their names are Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks. Eastwood directing and Hanks playing a captain/pilot; this thing is made to win awards. If you’re not sure what Sully is about, a group of Somali geese try to take over a plane piloted by Hanks. Some of the geese fly into the engine forcing Hanks to land it in a river at which point the geese are the captain now. This is all based on a true story too.

Now this film has more than just Tom Hanks and some geese. Looking at the cast, it’s also got Aaron Eckhart (he’s good) and Mike O’Malley. Fucking Mike O’Malley, the host of Nickelodeon’s GutsĀ as well as Global Guts. Remember that show? That shows was revolutionary in the 90’s. I learned there were kids from other countries besides the U.S. from watching that show. I had no idea other countries even existed. Belgium? What the fuck was that?

Well who else? Uhh, just some guy named TURTLE! Yes, Jerry Ferrara himself. Get ready. EASTWOOD, HANKS, FERRARA. Why even have other movies this year. This is the Best Picture winner right here. Martin Scorcese can get fucked. No one wants to see Liam Neeson as a priest, unless that priest is wrecking hapless Eastern Europeans. You’re not getting past this dream pairing of Turtle and Forrest Gump.

Are you not convinced yet? Do I need to show you the trailer? Well here it is.

Yeah, that’s happening. September 9th.

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