Are You The Guy Every Woman Is Looking For?

Everyone wants to land the perfect girl. It’s the end game right? Well, women want to get the perfect guy, the trouble is… what does the perfect guy look like? We surveyed women to find out their version of the perfect guy… You might think it’s you, and if it is, congrats! If it’s not, try to make some adjustments because this is what they’re looking for.

Some of the most unattractive things a guy can do in the eyes of a woman include:

Smoking Cigarettes

  • Face it, it’s not the 60’s and you’re not James Dean. The health risks greatly outweigh any pros to smoking. It is also one of the most unattractive things you can do!


  • Don’t be the stinky guy, what year is it? There are so many options that enable you to smell good.  While we are on the topic, upgrade from Axe. If you use this and you are no longer in middle school I think you might be a lost cause. Turn back now!


  • With the exception of a little weed, the ladies aren’t too fond of it. Nothing wrong with a little puff, puff, pass… but when your life is puff, needle, puff, snort, pass out… they look elsewhere for companionship.

grandmas boy dante

These are the three most unattractive things you can do around a woman. Try and stop them if you can, or compromise and do them on your own time away from her. Not so tough right? Next are the most attractive things you can do.  Learn to pick up a couple and you’ll be golden!


  • This could be tough to change. Don’t be a moron… again a 17 year old might like the nights out lighting bags of shit on fire. Not a woman though, obviously. I’m exaggerating a tad, unless you really are like Billy Madison, then I’m not sure I can help you – find a gold digger and prenup that shit. The rest of you, push yourself to learn, this is the generation of Silicon Valley, education is attractive!

billy madison bag of shit


  • Have a drive about you. Be constantly looking to improve your life as well as others with what you do. Strive to achieve new goals and going on top of education, learning new things. You should be more focused on a career than getting to the next level on your PS4 game…


  • Women love to laugh and if you can make them laugh they will love to be around you. If humor doesn’t come naturally to you then watch a couple stand up specials on Netflix… learn to recite a couple things here and there… for the advanced comedy man, get flirty with your humor, as long as she is responsive in a positive manner! Don’t need her thinking you’re a creepy dickhead!


  • Give back to others. Real generosity is giving back or doing something for someone who will never find
    out… if they do find out, it’s not the biggest deal in the world! Just don’t expect anything in return, just be happy you helped.

generous guy meme


  • Scored pretty high among the ladies, so talk to your siblings, your parents, and especially grandparents if you got them, they won’t be around forever… learn about their life, for your own benefit. Old people are fascinating.


  • Despite recent studies showing shit in men’s beards, ladies still like em…. and I feel like the swab they use to test fecal matter has fecal matter on it… enough about fecal matter. Beard or not… won’t break your image in their eyes. Do as you please here.


  • This isn’t as important as most 15-22 year old guys think… some girls even like chubby guys, in fact…. the most desirable body is a toned one. Sorry Stallone look-a-likes, but bulk isn’t in vogue… that means in style…. you need to understand things they read too.
If you can make some adjustments to be more like this guy, you will be Channing Tatum in her eyes. So push yourself. These things not only make you more desirable, they make you a better person. You want to be healthy, you want to be happy. Get going on this list! If you have this down and you’re still single, not by choice, see our Tinder Bible… build the perfect dating profile!
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