It’s A Bad Time For Billy Bush To Have A Birthday

To be honest, we didn’t know who this guy was when the Trump video leaked last week. Now we know he was on Access Hollywood and just recently got hired on at the Today Show. (We don’t watch these shows if you couldn’t tell). 

Well, as you can imagine this isn’t the best time for a scandal to arise. He has since been suspended from the Today Show… and then fired… So that sucks… Today happens to be his birthday, he’s probably telling every attractive girl in Hollywood so he can get a sympathy hug. He does have free time since he’s not working. The kicker, he’s been married since the 90s, about seven years before that video emerged. You might think his wife would be pissed, but remember… it is Hollywood.

Billy, you’re 45… you should be long past this behavior (even though Trump was 59 at the time). But, all set aside… Happy birthday, you’re setting the bar high for the Bush family.

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