Badass Richter Scale: Martial Arts

For all of those looking to join a martial art. Often times you are unable to decide what is the best suitable option. Tony is a man of many traits having spent time in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, and Krav Maga. Often times, Tony has to re-evaulate himself to see how possibly more badass he can get. This begs the question, what martial art really is the most badass? How does one measure this concept without a biased opinion? In this article, Tony gives his take on all these martial arts. We hope when you’re reading this masterpiece, you gain a knowledge on each one. As for those seeking to join a gym, dojo, or temple, keep reading…

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Origin: When mitsuyo maeda traveled the world in the early 1900’s, he would eventually land in Brazil to build upon his Jiu-Jitsu technique. Legend has it, the mid-5 foot fighter used his years of training to restrain an armed mid 6 foot fighter. Jiu-jitsu spread when Maeda trained Carlos Gracie. From there, Carlos spread his teachings among his family. Today, the Gracies have become the gold standard in jiu-jitsu.

Legend: The Gracies

Known MMA Fighters: Fabricio Werdum, Nick Diaz

Badass Scale:capture



origin: Born in the mid 1800’s, judo was created from a mix of jiu-jitsu, sumo, and wrestling by Jigoro Kano. Judo became popular in Japan when many lost interest in Jiu-jitsu. Years later, Judo would be introduced into modern day sport in the Olympics.

Legend: Kano Jigoro

Known MMA Fighters: Rhonda Rousey

Badass Scale:capture


Krav Maga

Origin: Founded in Israel during a time of persecution for the Jewish during immigration period in the 1880’s. The Arabs chose to counter the growth of the Jewish community with attacks. The early 1900’s brought the birth of Krav Maga with the Maccabees. In 1940’s, they formed self defense classes in order to rival the Arabs. Imi Lichtenfeld formed classes and techniques. The techniques derived from jiu jitsu, judo, karate, and wrestling. You will not see this martial art in MMA due to attacks on the eyes. Everything is fair game.

Legend:Imi Lichtenfeld

Known MMA Fighters: None

Badass Scale:capture

Muay Thai

Origin: Starting from China & Thailand, this martial art has more of an offensive boxing style technique. The Thai attempted to fight off countries constantly attacking them. Over time it became a past time for fun and games. It became a sport throughout the last 500 years. The sport spread throughout the world during WW2. Known as the Tiger King of Thailand, Sri Saan Petch led the spearheading of Muay Thai as a sport. Muay Thai uses all 8 limbs for fighting. Muay Thai is one badass sport.

Legend: Sri Saan Petch

Known MMA Fighters: Anderson Silva

Badass Scale:capture


Origin: During the time of war between the three kingdoms in Korea, the SooBakGi was developed. The spread of this martial art began during the Japanese period of outlawed sports. The five martial arts developed within these periods collided in the mid 1950’s. Years later it would become a sport in the Olympics. Look at em badass leg kicks!

Legend: Un Yon Kim

Known MMA Fighter: Georges St. Pierre

Badass Scale:capture

Kung Fu

Origin: Throughout the era of dynasty, Kung Fu started as a dance. During the Qin dynasty, it evolved into fighting.  During the Tang Dynasty, Kung Fu had competitions. In the early 1900’s, Kung Fu spread around the world. Kung Fu is split into multiple schools, each with their own characteristics. This is one of the most badass martial arts around.

Legend: Bruce Lee

MMA Fighter: Roy Nelson

Badass Scale:capture

Tony’s Take

Tony views all of these martial arts are badass. If you join any of these, you will become an excellent fighter and more importantly know how to defend yourself. Tony loves Krav Maga. Even its history suggests how badass it is. Spawn from a time of tyranny and pain, the Jewish community adapted to their threat. This would give reason to why Krav Maga adapts to fighters with weapons. Take a look around and find your local Krav Maga gym. In you’ll walk confident, you’ll walk out humbled.

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