Baseball Trade Could Make This Team Early World Series Favorites

This morning the Boston Red Sox acquired ace pitcher, Chris Sale, in a trade. The Red Sox gave up a handful of prospects, but they definitely made their team very strong. The New York Yankees are already calling the Red Sox the Golden State Warriors of baseball. The Red Sox had the best hitting team in baseball last year, and now they might have one of the best rotations. Chris Sale is arguably the best pitcher in baseball, and you throw that into a rotation that has David Price and Rick Porcello (this year’s Cy Young winner) we have ourselves a very dangerous team.

The Red Sox did lose their biggest slugger, David Ortiz, but they still have very good young hitters that are only getting better. The Red Sox should definitely be the pre-season favorites to win the World Series. Their only weak spot will be their bullpen, but I fully expect this team to dominate this season after making this move.


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