Basketball Player Gets 2nd DUI In 6 Months

at Pepsi Center on January 11, 2013 in Denver, Colorado. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.

Now that the weekend has come to an end, I hope everyone was safe and smart, unlike former Denver Nuggets point guard, Ty Lawson, who was arrested for his second DUI in a 6 month span this past Tuesday morning. Anyone who has ever gotten a DUI before or knows someone who has knows that you DO NOT want that second one. The fact that Lawson not only got his second one, but in a span of 6 months is just flat out stupid! According to reports, Lawson has agreed to go to a 30 day treatment center for his alcohol addiction, in Malibu, he won’t face his DUI charges until he completes the 30 day program. Lawson better hope that the treatment center has a basketball court since the start of the season is only 3 months away.

There were actually rumors going around that Lawson was going to be part of a trade that would send him to the Lakers, which I personally think would’ve been really bad for Lawson. I don’t think it would’ve been bad because the Lakers haven’t been good for a while, I think it would’ve been bad considering LA is probably the worst place to live if you’ve already had 2 DUI’s. ┬áThere is way too many temptations in that city. Luckily for Lawson that’s not where he ended up.

He was part of a trade this weekend that sent him to the Houston Rockets. Hopefully for Lawson coming out of rehab and going to a new basketball team will be the start of something in the positive direction for him. Even though he’s a professional athlete we sometimes forget that these guys are also human. Getting your 2nd DUI, going to a month long rehab center and getting traded from the team you’ve been with for your whole career thus far is probably hitting him hard. So hopefully we’ll see a new and inspired Ty Lawson this upcoming season, because if he messes up again and gets that 3rd DUI,then we may see a good basketball players career come to an end due to addiction.


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