Beautiful People?

Chris Brown gets the ladies, even some he doesn’t want!

Chris Brown had a recent home invader who wanted a little more than one of his LCD TV’s, she wanted to wife him up. An unidentified 21 year old woman was found naked in the singers bed. Chris had been out of town for a few days and returned home to find that she had broken in and appeared to have been there a few days! There were dishes in the sink, “I Love You” spray painted on the kitchen counter, oh and she spray painted “Future Mrs. Brown” on his Rolls Royce too! That’s certainly how to woo a man! Ladies, never destroy a man’s car. Like that country song, “dig a key into the side of a pretty little souped out four wheel drive”… you know the damage a man does can be measured in pain, ladies damage in dollars. Brown called the police and the woman was taken into custody. What a gem this woman must be!

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