Best Baseball Names You’ve Never Heard Of


We’ve all heard of players like Yasiel Puig and Yu Darvish before. At this point their names seem commonplace. The fact these names are incredible is ignored now. Now that we’re in a new season there’s a bunch of new guys you’ve never heard of playing for and against your favorite team. Here are some of our favorite names of players you’ve probably never heard of.

Kevin Kiermaier

  • Not only is this name alliterative but it sounds really German too.

Joc Pedersen

  • This name is incredibly on the nose. The guy named Joc became a professional athlete.


Rusney Castillo

  • There’s never been a Rusney in baseball before.  I don’t know of any Rusneys in the rest of the world either.

Melvin Upton Jr

  • Is there another Upton brother? No. This is just BJ re branded as Melvin. Maybe the name change will result in him hitting at least .220 this year.

Darin Ruf

  • Darin Ruf sounds like the main character of a bad 80s action movie. DEA Agent Darin Ruf doesn’t play by the rules, doesn’t play well with others, and doesn’t take shit from anyone. Now Agent Ruf has got caught up in a criminal conspiracy that goes all the way to the top.

Kendall Graveman

  • Kendall sounds like he should be the Danny Glover to Ruf’s Mel Gibson. Kendall Graveman is a decent man and a veteran DEA agent but he is not afraid to send someone to their grave, man. In reality, Kendall is white though so he can’t compare to Glover.

Brett Oberholtzer

  • Oberholtzer sounds even more German than Kiermaier.



Rougned Odor

  • It’s pronounced O-Door but still his name is Odor.

Zoilo Almonte

  • Zoilo is another great name that has to have never been in baseball before. Actually, Zoilo Versalles played from 1959-1971.  Still, Zoilo is an awesome name.

Stolmy Pimentel

  • His first name looks like Stormy and his last name looks like Pimento.  His name is neither of those but his actual names are both firsts in the major leagues.

Jedd Gyorko

  • Jedd’s last name is pronounced Jerk-O.  No further explanation needed.

Tuffy Gosewich

  • Technically, Tuffy’s name is James. He got the nickname Tuffy because he was a tough baby. I don’t care though because this name is too good to ignore. Also, I’ve never even heard of Tuffy before writing this.

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