Get In Shape: Best Home Workouts

Because you can’t always get to the gym, but you can still workout at home! Check out some of the most effective home workouts!

Summer is right around the corner, that means BBQ’s, beach days, and other reasons to have your shirt off. Dad bods are done, that ship has sailed. Could you stand to lose a few pounds?

Not everybody has the time to get to the gym. Going once a week isn’t going to shed that extra insulation you’ve added to your stomach. We recommend getting to the gym at least 3 times a week, but while you’re at home, there are still some great options that you can do. Check out these home workouts!

Jump rope - home workouts

  • Jump Rope – everything about this is fantastic. It works out your entire body. Give this a go for about 20 minutes a day if you can. Extra step – get the weighted jump rope if you think you can handle it!
  • Push-ups – nothing better, this works out your upper body. Again, a daily ritual for best results. Every morning first thing, do a set. Try to increase your reps here, maybe 20 one week, 30 the next.
  • Crunches – basically the same as push ups. You should tweak these for maximum results. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you normally would and you can knock out all of these listed below. If you are struggling, just select a different one each morning.most effective crunches - home workouts
  • Pull-ups – you can find a pull up bar on Amazon for about $25. Stick this in your doorway and get fit. Keep up the reps here, and add to weekly if you can.


It’s as easy as that! Of course you can do various other at-home workouts. However these are generally the most effective, and if you’re adding extra work outs on top of these, just go to the gym. You’re just making excuses.

A lot of people stop it here, thinking this is enough to lose fat and gain muscle…. so make it two breakfast burritos after that workout right? Wrong. All too often, people miss out on results simply because they shovel Kit Kats into their mouth since they need to eat everything after a workout like that… No, you’re not 15 anymore, your metabolism sucks and you need to knock that shit off.

Here is a healthy balanced diet that won’t break the bank and will assist with your goals. If you’re like Kevin from The Office and you hate veggies, suck it up or get used to filling out the seat. It’s 0 carbs, a lot of protein, and plenty of veggies.Kevin from the office hates veggies - home workouts - food

If you can stick with this diet and continue these home workouts, you will be in good shape to throw that T on the sand and be confident in yourself. Most everyone can stand to shed a few pounds, very few people follow through on losing it.

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