Best updates From The Apple Keynote

We left Apple’s keynote rather impressed as we like a handful of the enhancements brought to the OS and IOS, however no new iPhone…at least at this time. Don’t let that bum you out, there are some great upgrades!

  • Multitasking on iPad and iPhone – They cleaned up and improved the multitasking but the big improvement, split view, will only be available on one device, the iPad Air 2. This will allow you to divide the screen so you can utilize two apps simultaneously. ipad apple
  • Picture in Picture – is a fantastic new feature allowing you to keep a video playing and continue to use your device outside of the player app.
  • Trackpad Features –  allows you to treat your iPad like your MacBook with multi-touch gestures. This will be very handy for iPad users allowing you do more things directly from the keyboard.
  • The new battery conservation feature – tap the button when you are low on battery and the device can almost go into a hibernation mode, kicking the user back up to 3 hours of battery life. A terrific feature for the person who is always on low battery.
  • Notes – got a couple good features, you will now be able to add pictures into notes as well as web pages. Notes is a great app especially for users will multiple devices. When connected to the same apple ID the notes sync through the cloud and are shared on all devices. Oh and you can draw in it now!
  • Siri –  she is growing up and learning more commands, she is more intuitive and can even add things to your calendar before you tell her to.
  • Apple Music – look out Spotify, Apple just entered the ring. They unleashed a new streaming platform that is smarter and more artist friendly… a fan can follow an artist or band and stay updated on things as if they were on apple-music-wwdctheir twitter or Facebook page. This service will be free for the first three months then kick up to $9.99 a month and for families, only $14.99 and you can share with up to 6 family members, what a deal! This will be available June 30th, oh and it will be available to Android users in the fall.
  • OS X 10.11 – El Capitan they call it will be free and available to all computers that could upgrade last year. A nice new feature is pinning, you can pin a site from safari to the landing page so they load instantly. Spotlight got improved as well, pretty much a google search from the top right of your screen.

All in all not the greatest keynote, however, definitely not the worst either. Apple added a lot of new little features that will improve the users daily use. My personal favorite is the battery conservation which will be a highly used feature on my phone.

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