Bills Suspend Coach for Fighting a Kid

That might be my favorite headline ever posted on this site.  If you didn’t hear about this story earlier, the Buffalo Bills offensive line coach, Aaron Kromer, was arrested in July for punching a kid in an incident involving beach chairs.  A group of kids borrowed Kromer’s chairs without asking.  Kromer pushed one of the kids down and punched him in the face.  Then he told the boys to put the chairs back where they were.  He then told them if they reported him he would kill their families.  I hope those boys learned their lesson.  Borrow someone else’s beach chairs, get punched in the face by someone who played offensive tackle at a Division 1 school.

Of course, the charges were dropped.  Kromer wasn’t trying to hurt anyone.  He’s a coach.  He was just trying to teach these young men a lesson.  The Bills were smart enough to realize this incident shouldn’t go unpunished and they got rid of their offensive line coach.  For six games.  No, he didn’t deserve to lose his job.  That would be crazy.  All he did was punch a kid in the face.

It’s refreshing to hear when someone affiliated with the NFL commits a crime and it’s not a player.  This incident is just another reminder that there’s something wrong with the whole organization.

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