Blake Griffin Hurt Again (From Punching a Team Employee)

The Clippers star power forward has been out since Christmas with a quad injury. The team has played well without him but they still need him back. And he was almost ready to come back. Not anymore though. It’s been reported that Griffin broke his hand punching an equipment manager while out to dinner after their loss in Toronto on Sunday. He won’t be back soon.

What’s wrong with Griffin. He’s one of the league’s most popular stars. He’s in a million commercials, and they’re not all that bad. However, he’s not all that popular among many of the most dedicated NBA fans. He has a reputation for complaining when calls don’t go his way. He probably gets fouled more than any other player when he’s out there but the suggestion from most fans is to just shut up and play. This incident won’t help in winning those people over.

Remember this is not the first time Blake has been in trouble. In 2014, Griffin was accused of hitting a guy at a club in Las Vegas. The charges were dropped but that doesn’t mean the incident never happened. Blake has to change. Not only is he hurting himself and his image, but now he’s hurting his team by getting hurt. The Clippers chances of getting by the Warriors and Spurs are slim anyways but they definitely can’t do it without Blake.


Maybe he spent too much time with former teammate Matt Barnes. Last week Barnes was quoted as saying, “Violence is never the answer. But sometimes it is”. Blake, only listen to that first part. Stop fighting people.

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