BOLD Sports Predictions For 2016

2015 was a great year in sports and I expect nothing less in 2016. Now It’s time for us to give you some “bold” predictions of stuff we think will happen in the world of sports in 2016.


1. Clemson will beat Alabama in the national championship game

Yes, Alabama has won 4 titles in the past 7 years and yes, they probably have the best team in the country, but I like the way this Clemson team is playing football. Clemson is still undefeated and finished the season #1 yet they still get no respect. I think it’s time we start giving them the respect they deserve.

Clemson contained a very good Oklahoma offense, which included shutting them out in the 2nd half. Alabama has Heisman trophy winner, Derrick Henry, but I think Clemson can contain him for the most part and force Jake Coker to have to beat them. I haven’t been impressed by Coker this year and if Alabama has to depend on him I think they’re in trouble. This Clemson team just looks dangerous and inspired right now and I think they lift the trophy on January 11th.



2. The Golden State Warriors will NOT win the NBA championship.

The Golden State Warriors are currently 30-2 and are on pace to beat the Bulls record of 73-9, but I don’t think they’ll be the last team standing. I firmly believe the Spurs will be the team to beat this year. They play very good team basketball, they have a lot of depth and they defend the 3 point line extremely well. Their coach is a genius and understands that teams LOVE to shoot the 3 pointer, especially the Warriors, and he’s perfected him team in making it very difficult for opponents to score beyond the arc. If the Warriors come across the Spurs in the playoffs they’re going to be in trouble.

Let’s say the Warriors DO make it to the finals again it’ll most likely be against Lebron and the Cavs again and this time he’ll have Love and Irving with him. I do think the Warriors will lose less than 10 games this season and break the Bulls record, but they will NOT win the title in 2016.



3. The Carolina Panthers will LOSE their first playoff game.

The Carolina Panthers are currently 14-1 and with a win this Sunday would end their season 15-1 and gain home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The unfortunate part about their home field advantage, is that it’s only going to last one game.

The Panthers regardless will have a first round bye but I don’t see them getting past their first game. They’ll face most likely either Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, or the Green Bay Packers. All three of those teams are good and I think all of those teams will give the Panthers trouble.

The Panthers have obviously been a great team this year but plenty of times we’ve seen teams have very good seasons and then choke in the playoffs. I think they’ll most likely face Seattle or Green Bay,experienced teams with Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. They’ll make it very difficult on Cam and company. So, I’m sorry Panthers fans, but your season ends in a couple weeks.



4. Alex Ovechkin will win his first Stanley Cup.

Alex Ovechkin is one of the best players in the NHL, but what separates him from other great players in the league like Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane and Corey Perry is that he hasn’t won the cup yet. This Capitols team is very good this year. Ovechkin had T.J. Oshie added to his team and that’s helped out a lot. He’s very hungry to win his first title and this is the year that he will finally do it, especially since there isn’t anyone in the east who can beat this team in a 7 game series.



5. 2016 will be the year the Chicago Cubs break the curse.

When anyone thinks of the Chicago Cubs you think of one thing, and that’s the fact this team hasn’t won a World Series in well over a 100 years. The Cubs have one of the best pitchers in baseball on their team in Jake Arietta and they added John Lackey to their rotation and still have Jon Lester. Lester and Lackey are both veteran pitchers who have all pitched and plenty of playoff games and each have a World Series ring. When you add that experience along with Arietta, you have yourself a pretty solid rotation.

They have a good enough bullpen to keep them in games and have very good hitting, especially with the addition of Jason Hayward. This Cubs team lost in the NLCS this year, but it gave them a taste and they know what they have to do to make it to the next step. This Cubs team is going to be very good and very balanced this season and I expect them to finally lift the World Series trophy in October.


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