California Weather Forecasters Need Reform:Vote Yes on ‘Prop 75 And Sunny’!

California is a place where it’s sunny a majority of the year. That doesn’t mean our weathermen have to phone it in though. All too often do you look at a weather app and see 89 and partly cloudy, when in reality it’s 75 and raining. Perhaps if the weatherman got out of the tanning bed every once in a while to do his job we Californian’s would be informed. “Prop 75 and Sunny” bans tanning beds, hair gel, and porno names in the weather telling field. No child should have to look out the window to see if he or she needs to bring that jacket in the morning.


Imagine a world where the weather app on your phone is accurate, a place where when it’s going to rain in the near future it tells you. Prop 75 and Sunny forces an 88% accuracy rating, far better than the 23% rating the state of California is currently at. This prop has been widely accepted by the Governor who stated, “All weather should be reported, phoning it in to get a mystic tan is unacceptable.”


Last year alone, weather reporters spent 33 hours a week in a tanning bed, 6 hours harassing interns, 32 minutes doing magic for their peers, and 8 minutes telling the “weather” (factor 26 minutes for margin of error). Prop 75 and Sunny will reform the entire flawed system, putting your local weatherman to work. Prop 75 and Sunny, the forecast is a good one.

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