Can Anyone Stop the Warriors This Season?

The Golden State Warriors set the NBA record for most wins in a season last year. They did not win the title though. That distinction went to Lebron’s Cavaliers. The Warriors were not happy about that result and looked to improve their already dominant team this offseason. Did they?

Their first move was to bring in a young forward named Kevin Durant. If you don’t really know of him, he’s pretty good. He should help the team quite a bit. Also, he’s not just good. He’s one of the three best players in the world. The already loaded Warriors just got a lot better. Is there any way another team can stop them this year?

Our first chance to see how good they can be is tonight when they host the Spurs. San Antonio won 67 games last year and is probably the second best team in the NBA, despite the loss of Tim Duncan. If the Spurs can’t hang with the Warriors, then God help us all.

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